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Biden and Trump Play Chess

Instead of having the scheduled second Presidential Debate at the Arsht Center in Miami on October 15, Trump and Biden decided to face off in a game of chess there.

Biden consulted with a variety of grandmasters before the game, even the great Gary Kasparov volunteered to tutor him. Trump, however, said that he did not need a tutor. “I am a very stable chess genius” he claimed.

The game was played before a crowd of over two thousand in the Ziff Ballet Opera House, and Knight Concert Hall had an overflow of two thousand more fans.

The Opera House crowd was cautioned to keep silent as the game began.  

People were stunned as Trump’s opening gave him a decided early positional advantage. But he was unable to press his advantage, and the tide began to change in the midgame.  Now, it became unclear who had the advantage. The winner would depend on who had the best endgame play. Biden made some brilliant moves, finally forcing a trade of rooks and wiping out the last of Trump’s pawns. Biden promoted his remaining seventh rank pawn to Queen. Trump refused to resign the game, and continued until Biden checkmated him.

Trump then said that Biden’s end game moves were fraudulent, claiming that Biden was receiving illegal prompts on the best moves through a tiny chess engine that was hidden in his hair piece. Trump demanded that FIDE (the chess governing board) perform an immediate inspection. They reported that there were no foreign objects in Biden’s hairpiece.

Trump tweeted that “the lamestream chess authorities are colluding with Biden.”

The session ended with Trump’s fans in the audience shouting: “Stop the Steal!”

I’m glad that nothing like this ever happens in real life.