Slowing Down on a Beautiful Autumn Day

What a nice day for a run today, as you see in the picture. Here I am by Birchwood Lake in Mountain Lakes, NJ.

But at this point in my run I stopped and I started to think of how many miles I ran last week and how fast I ran them. Yet, I was starting to feel obligated to run at an even faster pace this week. Today, there was not much of a spring in my step. I wished I could just take a shortcut to go back to my starting point.

But no—-I was committed, trapped, beyond the point of no return. There was only one way out of the forest! Several miles to go.

As I rested here, I said Wait a minute! Who says I am obligated to run at a faster pace? Why not slow down from that frenzied pace, and savor the rest of the run, enjoying the fall air and bright foliage! Yes, not only did I enjoy the rest of the run, but I avoided harassment from the rocks and roots, who enjoy tripping up fast runners as they lay hidden beneath the fall leaves on the trail.

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