Mind Boggling God

What do you think about the attributes of God? Some people think they are abstract and overly theological. But today I want to show you how God’s attributes reveal that he is a mind-boggling God: He overwhelms our thoughts and emotions.


Today’s photo makes me think of the most majestic features of God. The creation of the universe!  Innumerable galaxies, billions of stars. And the book of Psalms is a great place to see the attributes of God come alive.  In Psalms, we see God’s goodness, might, lovingkindness, and even his anger.

In Psalm 86, we first get a taste of the awesome side of God:

For you are great and do marvelous deeds;
     you alone are God. (Psalm 86:10)

Later in the Psalm, we get a taste of how personally  his attributes touch us.

 But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God,
     slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. (Psalm 86:15)

I do not claim that I have the following experience every time I pray, not by a long shot:

But, during this recent prayer time, I started by admiring God as the almighty creator of the universe, so transcendent that he is even above time. And then that marveling segued to experiencing a God who has condescended to walk with me, I got a most intense awareness that Almighty God was personally living with me and walking with me in each thought or feeling that I had as I prayed……this sense of entering personal communion with the Lord in such a deep way lasted for a few minutes.

This God who is both majestic and personal is the same God who sent his Son to die for us and give us new life. As we study God’s attributes and begin to experience them, we enter what Jesus said about getting to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  God’s attributes are not dry abstractions, but rather engines that get us more fired up for experiencing him and his love and passing it on.

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