Month: July 2022

Gracious in Defeat

Pete Alonso was shooting for a three-peat, hoping to win the Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium, the site of the MLB All-Star game.

He reached the semifinals, but the semifinal winner was a young rookie phenom on the Seattle Mariners named Julio Rodriguez.  In his post-Derby interview, Alonso expressed what a thrill it was to compete again and complimented the effort of the victor.

“Sometimes it’s just not good enough. I thought I put up a great performance, but J-Rod was just better tonight. He did an excellent job and sometimes you just gotta tip your hat.”

 He said he’d look forward to the chance to do it again next year.

“If I’m healthy and I’m willing and able, then absolutely,” Alonso said. “I love this event; I think it’s an absolute blast.”

Wouldn’t it be great if a politician who lost could be so complimentary towards the guy that beat him? And have a wonderful anticipatory attitude towards their possibly having a rematch?

 I’d be much more likely to vote for a politician who expressed such a gracious attitude!