COVID Running

mind the gap

We sure get a lot of COVID warnings and decrees nowadays!

One decree shut down all our county and state parks. One county park, Tourne, is not too far from the pictured roadside path.  (Long ago, this path was a trolley car route).

The park shutdowns annoyed me.  After all, I have been running in our county for 25 years. And never before did I have someone telling me where I could not go for my run!

So, one weekday at the quiet end of the park, there was no one in sight.  So I snuck around a barricade and ran…. through the park.

But afterwards I did feel a little weird. What if I had fallen down and could not get up? No one would ever find me!

But more importantly I was also becoming a law unto myself, deciding on my own which laws were worth obeying. That’s not really consistent……….with what I profess to believe.

So, I did not run that route again. Thankfully, though, the issue became moot when the county and state parks got reopened.

I am thankful for my solo runs, but I sure do miss group runs. And runners standing shoulder to shoulder waiting for the start of a 5K. And then heading out for postrace beer and pub fare.

We all say the same thing the Psalmist did in Psalm 89 and Psalm 13:  How long, Lord?

Lord knows when. But this will pass.

In the meantime:  Happy running!

2 thoughts on “COVID Running

  1. I remember (ages ago) driving up to a red light at 2 AM just as it turned red… there were no cars coming in any direction.. I said to myself… “This is stupid !” and just drove on… That was when I created my “NEW THEOLOGY” of the “INTENT OF THE LAW”….I’m sure it was inculded in one of my sermons, that I always felt were so important… 😄 what seems like a ’century later’ though… I was really excited when I saw HIS “intent of the law” … was… simply to show us that it it is not possible for any human being to obey the law… He gave us the LAW… so we all could see we can’t do it and come to our own personal experience of Romans 7.

    So, the religious systems of the World give us yet another 4697 rules to obey (many are easy enough for people to do) like going to meetings all the time, etc. but we still manage to skip past the “barricades” from time to time. Those religious rules help to keep us all feeling guilty… all the time, trying harder, doing better, straightening up and flying right, etc. And… strangely, we find we can’t obey all those other rules all the time anyway… not any more than we can those First 10 Rules.

    I am thrilled to have had my own experience of “who shall deliver me from the body of this death” with the same discovery that “Jesus” has done it… so… I presented HIM my body as a living sacrifice… gave my wonderful FREE WILL to HIM and told HIM all I wnted was HIS WILL … from now on.

    We really have been deigned to live and move and have our being IN HIM… just walking and talking with HIM in the Garden of our LIVES……




  2. Yes, I remember you talking about going through the red light ! One implication at work now : the difference between someone saying to me “thanks for all you do for the Church” VERSUS “I am thankful that I see Christ alive in you.”


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